Eco Oil Resource
Waste Oil Recovery Organization

Eco Oil Resource is a waste oil (WO) recovery organization within the meaning of the Waste Management Act (WMA).

The organization does not distribute profit from its activities, for accumulated funds are invested in the construction of sustainable systems for separate collection and recovery of used oils.

The activities of Eco Oil Resource are carried out with the aim to meet the recycling and recovery objectives set forth in the Ordinance on Waste Oils and Waste Petroleum Products (OWOWPP).

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The memorandum of association of the recovery organization contains conditions ensuring the fulfilment of specific requirements, such as:

The organization was established as a private limited company whose capital is distributed in shares. Eco Oil Resource complies with the special requirements of the Waste Management Act.

The organization was established as a private limited company whose capital is distributed in shares.

Eco Oil Resource complies with the special requirements of the Waste Management Act.


Compliance with the principle of equal treatment and the opportunity for participation of obligated persons under the Waste Management Act (WMA) and the corresponding ordinance (OWOWPP) through the collective system of the organization.


The founders of the recovery organization are not entitled to:

  • participate in another recovery organization for the same waste;
  • secure advantages by the articles of association.


Contain prohibitive provisions on:

  • the distribution of profit;
  • the issue of bonds and shares with dividend coupons;
  • the granting of loans and guarantees of loans to third parties and the incurrence of bill of exchange liabilities;
  • the issue of bearer shares.

Members of Eco Oil Resource are exempt from paying the Enterprise for Management of Environmental Protection Activities (EMEPA) at the Ministry of Environment and Water a product fee.

You can find a list of members of the organization Download.

„Еко Ойл Ресурс“ – членове (.pdf)

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Activities and Objectives of Eco Oil Resource

Eco Oil Resource organizes a sustainable and environmentally sound system for separate collection of waste oils, which ensures that the respective obligations of the responsible parties are met.

Entities that place oils on the market are:

  • Responsible for the recovery of no less than 40% of waste oils from the total amount of oils they have released on the market over the current year (Article 8 (1) of OWOWPP).
  • Committed to the separate collection, storage, transport and recovery of WO, as well as to the environmentally sound disposal of non-recyclables.

Eco Oil Resource achieves its objectives through the organization of infrastructure for separate collection, transportation, recycling, and recovery of waste oils from contractors and partners who are professionals in the field of waste management.

Eco Oil Resource includes in its system Bulgarian municipalities, represented by mayors who are looking for a solution to the issue of unregulated disposal of waste oil.

Eco Oil Resource organizes information and education campaigns aimed to raise public awareness about the proper treatment of this type of waste.

Waste oils are partially degraded:

  • Their discharge in the environment leads to soil and water pollution.
  • Their burning releases highly toxic substances that pollute the air and are proven to be carcinogenic.

Depending on their origin, waste oils can be divided into two categories:

  • Light oils – industrial in origin with minimal loss of properties
  • Dark oils – automotive oils heavily contaminated with metals and other substances

Once they are separately collected, waste oils undergo various processes.

Some of these processes lead to their environmentally sound recovery – our main goal in terms of a sustainable future and environmental protection.

Benefits and Membership

The Organization’s team provides high quality, sustainable and environmentally friendly services at competitive prices.

As a member of the Organization, you are exempt from the obligation to pay a product fee to the EMEPA and reduce your costs significantly.

Membership in Eco Oil Resource provides you with:


Lower cost for paying product fees for the oils you market.


Long-term and sustainable solutions to meet your statutory recycling and recovery targets for WO.


Care for nature and environmentally sound waste management in Bulgaria.

For your convenience, we offer an electronic reporting system

To join our system, we offer a contract, terms and conditions and information on the relevant REMUNERATION for marketed products.

We successfully met our members’ targets for the year 2021. The order containing information on the targets met can be found Download.

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Partners of Eco Oil Resource include:

Waste management operators

Companies with proven reputation and expertise in the field of waste management, particularly in the management of waste oils.

The selection of operators is carried out in accordance with specific rules and procedures. Among the main selection criteria are:

  • Availability of sites that meet regulatory requirements.
  • Possession of a permit in accordance with the Waste Management Act (WMA) allowing the respective activity with waste oils.
  • Adherence to cost-effective cost allocation principles

The procedure for the selection of operators to provide specific waste management services for waste oils can be carried out in any of the following ways:

  • Sending invitations to specific waste management operators.
  • Publishing an advertisement online.

Upon the reception of offers from at least two operators, the selection is made on the basis of the lowest price. At the discretion of the operator, more than one operator may be contracted for a given type of waste and/or activity.

Penal provisions with high penalties and/or termination of the contract are foreseen in the event of non-compliance with commitments made.


Various municipalities that fulfil their legal obligations for separate waste collection are also partners of Eco Oil Resource.

We offer a contract for separate collection of waste oils if there is interest from the respective municipality and after discussing the specifics of its separate collection systems.

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Eco Oil Resource has a licence to operate as an organization for the recovery of waste oils.
The document is available Download.



Program Permit 16.11.2022



Permit 17.01.2022






Permit 2021



Waste Oil Regulation



Waste Management Act



Hazardous Waste Ordinance



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